Clipper to Rio - Brazil Peaberry Single Origin

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In the Golden era of Aviation, there were few options for air transport for the masses, and few were as iconic and luxurious as the Pan American Airways "Clippers", large Boeing made clippers whisked people around the world in amazing (for the time) comfort and luxury.  

This Coffee is made with that luxurious trip to an exotic destination in mind, Peaberry is a naturally occurring phenomenon when a single bean grows inside the coffee cherry vs the normal two.  The effect is a rounded, smaller bean much like a "pea".  The flavour profile is incredible with a lively yet slight acidity, beautiful fruit notes and a hint of chocolate, as the coffee cools the flavours change into an almost completely different drink, it's amazing to the last drop. 

Hop on our Clipper to Rio, take a trip every morning to Brazil, you won't regret it.