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Coffee Recipes | Irish Coffee | Cold Brew Coffee | Iced Coffee Recipe & More

Coffee Recipes | Irish Coffee | Cold Brew Coffee | Iced Coffee Recipe & More

Coffee can be added into many different styles of drinks, baking and cooking!  Here we'll share some of our favourite non traditional uses for coffee. 

Coffee Based Mixed drinks;

Coffee can make a fantastic additive to to many mixed drinks, here are a few we've enjoyed;

Iced Irish Coffee

  • 2oz Irish Whiskey

  • 1 tsp espresso/fine ground coffee

  • 2 tsp sugar

  • 2 tsp hot water

  • cream

  1.  Combine the Whiskey and fine ground coffee in a separate container and allow to steep for 15 minutes
  2. Meanwhile add the sugar and water to your class and stir until mixed
  3. When ready, pour the whiskey through cheese cloth into a cocktail mixer, add the cold brew coffee and some ice, shake to combine.
  4. Pour into the glass, add ice and cream to your taste and enjoy!

    Hot Boozy Coffee

    • .5 Shot Brandy + Grand Marnier + Kahlua
    • 5 oz Hot coffee
    • 1 Orange Peel
    • .5 cup whipped cream
    • .5 tsp Sugar
    1. Combine the Alcohol, and coffee in a glass
    2. Take the orange peel, and using a lighter singe it for a few minutes - this brings out the oils inside the peel and adds immense flavour.
    3. Stir the combine coffee and alcohol with the orange peel, leaving it in the glass afterwards
    4. Add whipped cream to your taste.


    Coffee Old Fashion

    • 1 Double Shot of espresso (40-50ml) room temperature
    • 1oz of Bourbon
    • .25 oz of simple syrup
    • Dash of Peychauds bitters
    • 1 inch of lemon peel 
    1. Combine all ingredients over ice
    2. Enjoy

    Whiskey Maple Coffee Cocktail

    •  1oz Canadian Whiskey
    • 4oz Cold brew coffee
    • .5oz Maple syrup
    • Cream to taste

      Kentucky Coffee

      • 4 tsp Sugar
      • 1.5oz of Bourbon
      • 1 Cup hot coffee
      • Cream to taste