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Coffee Origins | Coffee Roasters Guelph

Coffee Origins | Coffee Roasters Guelph

Brazil Alta Mogiana Region

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A family that works together. Danilo and his sons Marcelo and Sérgio represent the 4th and 5th generation of the family that has been in coffee growing since 1930. In the beginning, coffee was only for family consumption, but it was Jairo Barbosa, Danilo's father who believed in coffee and made it The family business. More than just a business Jairo wished that people could experience the same feeling he had, sit around a table and enjoy a quality drink, produced with love. The family believes that coffee goes far beyond the energy it can generate, for them the commitment and dedication in each batch is reflected in each cup. The coffees are produced in a meticulous way, in family, who also consider the collaborators, some of them with more than 20 years in the property. There were decades of studies, ups and downs, tests and dedication. With evolution and tradition walking together, today the family works hard to produce the best lots.

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Peru Fair Trade Organic Certified

peru coffee cherriesmountains of peruperu mountain roadtrail through peru mountains

We use beans from two co-operatives APROCASIVER in the Lambayeque region and a Café Feminino from the APROCASIVER Coop in the Amazonas region. Grown between 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level, these small batch farms are typically 2.5 acres in size and feature some fantastic high quality, certified Fair Trade Organic coffee!

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Ethiopian Sidamo Fair Trade Organic Certified

ethiopian sidamo coffee cherriesethiopian sidamo coffee cherriesethiopian sidamo coffeeethiopian sidamo coffee farm

The Lost Aviator Ethiopian coffee originates from the Sidamo region, a co-operative union of 51 co-operatives representing 76,000 farming families! These Fair Trade and Organic Certified farms are low density and grown under native plants, including local food producing crops.

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Decaffeinated Blend

Looking for less caffeine? Our Fair Trade Organic Certified Swiss water process Decaf Blend combines 4 different coffee beans from Sumatra, Timor-Leste, Ethiopia, and Honduras. Swiss Water process is the natural way of removing caffeine from the bean without using harsh chemicals. And it’s based in Canada!