Prohibition Roast - Barrel Aged Coffee

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What do you get when you age a smooth, delicious Dark Roasted, Brazilian coffee in a Small batch made Canadian Whisky barrel for a few weeks? Our signature barrel aged coffee! The subtle sweetness of Rye Whisky and delightful aroma are noticeable in every sip.  

For this batch we tried something new, mixing a fermented natural process coffee into our whisky barrel, we are very pleased with the results.  

Fermented coffee is a unique process where the beans are fermented during processing after the cherry and husk have been removed.  This unique process unlocks some amazing and complex flavours, and when paired with our whisky barrel aging process the result is an incredible coffee drinking experience.  

We love keeping things as local as we can, we partnered with a local small batch distillery for this fantastic Canadian Whisky Barrel aged coffee!

This limited small batch coffee is best enjoyed as a French press, pour over or drip coffee.