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ESPRO Ultralight Coffee Press


Make grit-free coffee anywhere you go with the lightest double-walled, vacuum-insulated travel coffee press in the world. The vacuum-insulated design keeps your flight bag safe from leaks and spills, so you can feel assured your coffee is secure while you're on the go. From a handle that unlocks for easy cleaning to an insulated lid that keeps your coffee hotter...

ESPRO Bloom Pour Over Coffee Paper Filters


Chlorine-free premium paper filters are uniquely designed to brew fast and clean with a wide-open area for pouring. Release your coffee's full potential with pour over coffee. Sold in packs of 50.

ESPRO Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer


The ESPRO Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer features an innovative micro-filter brewing system with durable, stainless steel construction. The patented micro-filter design is thoughtfully crafted with a spiral pattern and over 1500 precision cut holes.  The deep brew bed and micro-filter work together to evenly distribute water for optimal, straight flow-through and even coffee extraction. Change the way you coffee...



The AeroPress Original coffee maker is loved by fans around the world, our patented technology produces the richest, smoothest coffee, cold brew, and espresso drinks you’ve ever tasted. Designed in Silicon Valley, Made in USA. PRODUCT DETAILS No acidity, bitterness, or grit: Rapid brewing eliminates bitterness and acidity while micro-filters remove the grit typically found in other presses. Goodbye French...

AeroPress Filters


350 replacement AeroPress micro-filters. Compatible with both the AeroPress Original and AeroPress Go coffee makers. Removes grit, unlike other press-type coffee makers Biodegradable Compostable Made in the USA