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Constellation - Medium Roast Coffee


Named after the Super Constellation airliner, our signature medium roast coffee is as dependable as the stars in the sky. Pleasure your tastebuds with this smooth and luxurious medium roast blend we know you'll love. This blend is comprised of our Brazil Natural Coffee from DBarbosa Coffee in the Minas Gerais region, Peru - Washed Fair Trade Organic and our Ethiopian Sidamo...

North Star - Dark Roast Coffee


Inspired by the guiding light of the North Star and the Canadian-built airliner that shares the same name, our dark roast coffee will keep you on-course and energized. Smooth and robust with a flavour that lasts, it's the perfect coffee for wherever you land. This blend is comprised of our Brazil Natural Coffee from DBarbosa Coffee in the Minas Gerais region, and our Peru - Washed Fair...

Red Eye to Rome - Espresso Blend


Rome... our favourite layover. The food, the sights, the coffee! Red Eye to Rome Espresso is the perfect blend of flavour and caffeine to fire up your morning or fuel your long night.  This blend is comprised of our Brazil Natural Coffee from DBarbosa Coffee in the Minas Gerais region, Peru - Washed Fair Trade Organic and our Ethiopian Sidamo -...

Aurora - Light Roast Coffee


Perfect for an early morning take-off or a late-night patrol in the glow of the Northern Lights. Our signature light roast coffee is mellow and bright, with a delicate sweetness as prominent as its celestial namesake. Our Aurora Light Roast is a blend of our Peru - Washed and Ethiopian Natural process, Fair Trade Organic coffee For more information on where we source our...

Mile High - Decaffeinated Coffee


Decaffeinated coffee without compromise. The Swiss Water Process naturally removes 99.9% of the caffeine while keeping all of the flavour. Well-balanced and smooth, our decaffeinated coffee is a delicious way to start the day or as your perfect after-dinner treat. Our Decaf Blend combines 4 different coffee beans from Sumatra, Timor-Leste, Ethiopia, and Honduras. Swiss Water process is the natural way of removing caffeine from...

Prohibition Roast - Barrel Aged Coffee


** Please Limit Your Order to 4 Bags Per Customer ** What do you get when you age a smooth, delicious Dark Roasted, Brazilian coffee in a Small batch made Canadian Whisky barrel for a few weeks? Our signature barrel aged coffee! The subtle sweetness of Rye Whisky and delightful aroma are noticeable in every sip.   For this batch we tried something new, mixing a...

Destinations - Clipper to Rio - Brazil Peaberry Single Origin Coffee


In the Golden era of Aviation, with few air transport options for the masses, the iconic and luxurious Pan American Airways "Clippers" are remembered for their comfort and luxury. This was the inspiration for our Brazil Peaberry single origin coffee. Lively with slight acidity, beautiful fruit notes and a hint of chocolate, this coffee is amazing to the very last drop.  Take our Clipper to...

Sample Pack


Not sure which Lost Aviator coffee to buy? Why not sample them all? Our coffee sample pack includes all 5 of our signature roasts, ground or whole bean at your request. Each bag contains 120 grams of coffee. 

5Lb - 2.27kg Bag of Coffee


Large family of coffee drinkers? An office to keep caffeinated? Mild caffeine addiction? We have what you need! Five pound bags of your favourite Lost Aviator Roast delivered right to your doorstep or via free local pickup! Available in our 4 most popular roasts. Stay Caffeinated Aviators. 

Destinations - Ethiopian Sidamo Single Origin Coffee


Destination - Ethiopia The home of coffee, no trip through the world of coffee is complete without Ethiopia as a destination.  The Sidamo region is perfect for growing high quality delicious coffee.  With growing altitudes between 1500 - 2000 meters above sea level.   Our natural processed Ethiopian coffee is gathered from a co-operative union of 51 co-operatives representing 76,000 farming families!...

Destination - Haiti - Dark Roast


From the Mountainous Thiotte region of southeast Haiti we bring you this very special coffee.  Haiti was once the third largest producer of coffee, but these days one does not normally associate Haiti with a high quality coffee.  Lets change that! This coffee is produced by a local farm cooperative of 200+ families, coffee has been grown here for over...