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Coffee Origins

Coffee Origins

Brazil Alta Mogiana Region

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Fazenda Eldorado

Owned by Laerce França Faleiros, this farm has been in the family for nearly 100 years! Situated in one of the most prime growing regions of Brazil, Fazenda Eldorado has been producing high quality coffee for decades. This family-run farm values a holistic approach to crop management by using organic compost from their own farmland to ensure the quality of the product, while maintaining the microbial life in the soil.

Fazenda Santa Mônica

Fazenda Santa Mônica is an extension of the family business and belongs to Laerce’s sons, Jean Vilhena Faleiros and Elvis Vilhena Faleiros.

In 2013 Mr. Laerce and his children took the farms to new innovative heights. Elvis has worked hard to grow strong relationships with farming communities throughout Alta Mogiana, exploring possibilities for new varietals and outlining templates for exceptional quality and specialty coffee growth within the region. Jean runs the daily farm operations with a passion that has led him to grow new botanical varieties such as Bourbon and Arara. He also introduced new techniques for flavour development at the coffee cleaning and drying stages (pulp natural and raised beds) and organic fertilizing techniques that are built in the farm.

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Peru Fair Trade Organic Certified

peru coffee cherriesmountains of peruperu mountain roadtrail through peru mountains

We use beans from two co-operatives APROCASIVER in the Lambayeque region and a Café Feminino from the APROCASIVER Coop in the Amazonas region. Grown between 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level, these small batch farms are typically 2.5 acres in size and feature some fantastic high quality, certified Fair Trade Organic coffee!

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Ethiopian Sidamo Fair Trade Organic Certified

ethiopian sidamo coffee cherriesethiopian sidamo coffee cherriesethiopian sidamo coffeeethiopian sidamo coffee farm

The Lost Aviator Ethiopian coffee originates from the Sidamo region, a co-operative union of 51 co-operatives representing 76,000 farming families! These Fair Trade and Organic Certified farms are low density and grown under native plants, including local food producing crops.

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Decaffeinated Blend

Looking for less caffeine? Our Fair Trade Organic Certified Swiss water process Decaf Blend combines 4 different coffee beans from Sumatra, Timor-Leste, Ethiopia, and Honduras. Swiss Water process is the natural way of removing caffeine from the bean without using harsh chemicals. And it’s based in Canada!