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Destination - Ethiopia

The home of coffee, no trip through the world of coffee is complete without Ethiopia as a destination.  The Sidamo region is perfect for growing high quality delicious coffee.  With growing altitudes between 1500 - 2000 meters above sea level.  

Our natural processed Ethiopian coffee is gathered from a co-operative union of 51 co-operatives representing 76,000 farming families! These Fair Trade and Organic Certified farms are low density and grown under native plants, including local food producing crops.

Coffee is a trip around the world in your cup, and Ethiopia is a must see destination. 

Roast level - Medium/Dark

Tasting Notes

Dark Chocolate and citrus, black cherry, slight bitterness like one would get with a high quality dark chocolate, cacao finish.  Bold, smooth and very distinct.  Would pair well with Dark chocolate, orange, cherry and pastries.