Brewing Instructions

There are many subtle ways to improve your coffee drinking experience.  If you've purchased beans from us, then you've completed one important step, you've selected high quality beans roasted to a high standard.  Next is the "extraction" or brewing, and there is more to the process than grinding beans and adding hot water.  

  • Dosage - Brewing delicious coffee with the proper flavour  and body requires the right amount of ground coffee, coffee is generally measured by mass at a ration of 17:1, that is 17 ML of water to 1g of coffee, with this calculation a 1 litre pot will require 58 grams of ground coffee.  Coffee can vary in mass depending on origin, and roast level (Lighter roasts tend to be denser)  and since most people don't walk around with a scale on their person at all times a volume approach is handy.  As a general rule 1.5 - 2 Tbsp of coffee per 250 ml (or one 8oz cup) is a good starting point
  • Grind - The grind is actually quite important, too fine and you'll get an over extraction and it will be bitter, too course and the opposite.  Generally French press will use a courser grind, as the coffee steeps in the water much like Tea.  A Drip will use a slightly finer grind, and espresso will be very fine.  
  • Water Temperature - It is generally advisable to allow your water to cool for 30 seconds after it boils before adding it to your press
  • Bitter flavours - despite what certain large scale coffee roasters (places with names that rhyme with "chucks" and "Jim Mortons"), bitter coffee does not indicate strength as much as over extraction and burnt beans.  If our beans are tasting bitter to you then its an over extraction issue, do not allow them to steep in a press more than 4 minutes before plunging and check your grind setting it may be too fine for your chosen brew method. 
  • Stale Coffee - coffee that sits too long will lose flavour, generally coffee is best enjoyed with in the first 2 weeks to 30 days of being roasted.  As we "roast to order" to ensure the freshest coffee experience possible don't save it for a rainy day!  Enjoy it!  Coffee does have a shelf life of over a year as such it is possible to leave it and forget it until much later.  

As always if you have any issues with our coffee or your enjoyment of it please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll help make your coffee drinking experience the best it can be.