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Destination – Costa Rica

 Our Costa Rican Single origin coffee is brought to us by a local family with roots in Costa Rica.  All the coffee is shade grown on the Pacific side of the Cordillera de Tilaran in the Monteverde region, at an altitude between 1150-1250 meters above sea level.

The Farm has been family owned since 1969 and produces high quality coffee in harmony with the beautiful tropical forests surrounding it.  Home to many different endangered birds and reptiles.

This coffee displays a full body with rich flavour, a very clean taste, and a delightful pop of refreshing acidity.  It’s a trip to beautiful Costa Rica in your cup, enjoy the ride! 

Roast Level - Light

Tasting Notes -

Bright on the tongue with a sweet aroma, Complex flavour notes from hot to cool that include hints of honey, citrus and subtle fruit.  Light in body and very refreshing and easy drinking.